In the project “round trip” the artist tries to explore pictorially the concepts “limit” and “exclusion”. He’s referring not only to limits expressed as physical barriers but those that at the same time are the reason for socio-cultural exclusion, which gains special relevance in the actual socio-political and economic crisis scenario.

The idea of the project came to him while he was drawing during an everyday trip by train from Barcelona to Badalona. A fifteen minutes railroad journey that takes us through a kind of depressing “no mans land” surrounded by sleepy suburbs, industrial parks and spattered with building sites under construction. Seen from afar, this cement landscape reminds me military fortifications, an uninviting, hostile, cold and heavy architecture.

Nevertheless, the pictorial language used in the project is characterized by its sensitiveness an weightlessness, thus creating a certain kind of counterweight through the crudeness of its content.